Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I wait past three months from the date of purchase of the imprint kit to return the mold?
A: Any mold returned to Pawprints JewelryTM four months after the imprint kit shipment date will be charged a minimum of $45. Any fluctuation of silver and/or shipping prices could cause this fee to be higher.

Q: Can I have an inscription written on the back of my pendant? A:  Yes. We understand that this is a special connection and you may wish to express a sentiment about this relationship. We offer a free inscription on the back of the custom pendant for this reason. The instructions for this freehand personalized inscription are included with your imprint kit. If you already have a mold that you will be sending us, we can email you the inscription instructions in order for that information to be included with your mold. 
Q: If I want a pendant made for more than one pet/child/animal, how will I know which belongs to each pet/child/animal?
A: The name and date can be inscribed on the back of each pendant. You will indicate this information on the back of each mold as explained in the inscription instructions included with the imprint kit.
Q: How long does it take to receive my pendant after I send in the mold?
A: Your .999 Pure Silver pendant will be shipped within 6-10 weeks upon our receipt of your mold. The timeline is dependent on how many orders have been received and are in the process of being made. It is a ten step process and most of the steps are by hand. 
Q: Can I return my pendant and receive a refund?
A: Pawprints JewelryTM produces custom personalized, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry. There are no returns for custom jewelry unless the final product is defective or incorrect. Please see our Returns policy.
Q: What is included in the price of my pendant?
A: The price of a custom, handcrafted pendant includes:
 Free Imprint Kit with mold and inscription instructions
 .999 Pure Silver pendant with inscription on the back of the pendant
 16" or 18" Sterling Silver Box Necklace (longer lengths available for additional cost)
 Polishing cloth
 Your original clay mold is returned with the finished pendant
The price includes FREE shipment of the imprint kit to the client unless otherwise stated by the client, such as, expedited shipping. The price does NOT include sales tax, the shipment of the mold back to Pawprints JewelryTM, the insured shipment of the silver pendant via USPS Priority, rush charges, overnight or 2nd day delivery or any extra cost options unless otherwise stated.
Q: What if I want to give a pendant as a gift? How will the recipient know what the pendant might look like?
A: A gift card is included with the gift wrapped imprint kit. The gift card will have a photo of a pendant. The gift card allows the recipient to choose the type, style and size of pendant. If the pendant's specifics have already been indicated by the purchaser, all of the specifics plus a photo of that type of pendant will be included on the gift card.
Q: My pet's nails are in the clay mold but I don't want them in the finished pendant. Is it possible to remove them?
A: Yes. Simply write “No nails” on the back of the dried clay mold. No nails are recommended with the traditional heart shaped pendant due to the space limitations. When the nails are requested to be included on any pendant and are especially far from the paw pads, this requires the actual paw pads to be smaller on the pendant to allow sufficient room for the nails.
Q: How long does it take for the clay mold to dry?
A: Typically, it will take 2 - 5 days for the clay mold to air dry depending on the thickness of the mold. IMPORTANT: Do NOT put the clay in the oven to dry. The clay will crack. The drying time may increase if you live in a more  humid environment or the clay is “wetter” or “stickier” than usual.
Q: I'm afraid that I won't be able to get a good imprint. How do I take a good imprint?
A: The clay is very easy to use. It isn't plaster and there is no mixing involved. It is very important to follow the directions that are included in the imprint kit. Please see the Imprint Tips section on taking a good imprint.
Q: What are the pendant sizes?
A: The custom pendants are available in approximately 3/4" (small) or 1" (large and silhouette) in diameter. During the process, there is some shrinkage of the silver. Therefore, the final pendant size will vary even when ordering two of the exact same type/style/size pendants. This is what makes each pendant custom and unique.
Q: What if my pet has passed away and I have a mold imprint of my own?
A: Please place your order online. Then, email us at and tell us that you're shipping your own mold. We will email you the address for shipment. The mold will not be damaged in the process of making the pendant. We will return your original mold with the finished pendant.

Q: Is there an alternative if I cannot part with my original mold?
A: Yes. If you prefer not to send your original mold ~ especially if this is your only mold ~ you can request an imprint kit that includes the instructions on how to make a relief mold of the original mold. The clay will not damage the original mold when making the cast. This relief mold will be returned with the finished pendant.
Q: I have an ink print. Can you make a pendant from an ink print?
A: Yes, we can design a pendant for you. We would need a digital copy of the ink print. You can scan the ink print and email it to us at .
Q: What is your most popular pendant?
A: Currently, the 3/4" small heart and silhouette pendants are the most popular.
Q: Will the relief of the mold look as good as the imprint?
A: Yes. This is really a personal decision that reflects your relationship with the pet/child. One of our clients would always rub the pads of her cat. She chose to have the paw as a relief so she could still rub his paw. However, 90% of our clients choose the imprint style for their pendant.
Q: I have a really large dog with a really big paw. How will the imprint fit on the pendant?
A: The image is scaled to fit either the small (approximately 3/4” in diameter) or large and silhouette (approximately 1” in diameter) pendant size.
Q: Can I have a pendant made to be larger than 1”?
A: Yes. We can customize an order. There are size limitations with certain shapes. However, a larger pendant is possible. Please contact us for a quote at
Q: Is it possible to have more than one imprint on a pendant?
A: Yes. There is a double dog tag pendant that allows for two imprints on a single pendant. There is also the companion necklace which is any two pendants with a heart charm in between the two pendants.
Q: Can I have a pendant made in gold?
A: Not at this time. Due to the increased price of gold, it is cost prohibitive to produce a gold pendant. In addition, a gold pendant cannot be made 100% in house due to the specific equipment requirements for gold necessitating that the piece be contracted out and a further increase to the cost.
Q: Will the texture of the paw pads show on the pendant?
A:  When the paw is resized to fit the pendant, the majority of the paw's texture is lost.