Hoofprint Imprint Kit

Make a unique keepsake of your barefoot or shoed horse's hoof.

The Hoofprint Imprint kit includes:

• Impression Clay — The clay is non-toxic, won't stick in your horse's hoof like wet clay and can be easily re-rolled if your              first imprint doesn't turn out as well as you like.
• Mini dowel (rolling pin) to prepare the clay.
• Easy instructions for taking an imprint of your loved one's hoof and for writing a Free inscription sentiment on the back            of the mold.
• Return address label so that you can easily mail your mold to Pawprints Jewelry™ using your imprint kit box.

Soon you will have a clay imprint of your hoofed friend to cherish forever.

Great Gift Idea!

Hoof Imprint Kit
Price: $40.00
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