My Bear

I hadn't put a picture of Bear until now, 2010, four years after having launched Pawprints Jewelry online. was, and is, inspired by my love for my Bear.

I found Bear running down Hamilton Expy in San Jose in the Spring of 1990. I was on my way home from the doctor, 5 months pregnant with my son, Cory. Bear had a collar, his original owners didn't want "that dog." From then on, Bear rode with me in my car, everywhere, all the time. "That dog" was now the Best Dog, and, my Best Friend.

Bear passed away September 3, 2002.

I didn't think that I would ever recover from that loss. I never thought there could be another dog like Bear. There can't be; but, I have been blessed to cross paths with Monte. 

The kids and I were coming home from the mountains on a very snowy day in 2003. Free puppies in a box at a gas station! Monte!


While Monte is a completely different personality, he's afraid of windshield wipers, so he hides behind my seat on car rides, there is one thing both Monte and Bear share. Love. Unconditional Love. 

It is from that place of love Pawprints Jewelry began.

My best to you, and for those in your life who bless you with caring, unconditional love.